Exile Di Brave featured in The Jamaica Star

Exile Di Brave featured in The Jamaica Star

Article Title: Exile goes cyber for music break
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Though relatively new to the commercial market, upcoming artiste Exile Di Brave has been using the Internet to get himself known in the underground music world.

The 26-year-old artiste, real name Clayton Johnson, said a lot of what he has achieved in his career is owed to the Internet. He has his own website, MySpace and Facebook pages, as well as many videos that are littered on YouTube.

“Di MySpace doing good. Di Internet is my friend, I love it. Facebook, brilliant! With YouTube, we mek video clips like everyday and I have one of the highest views on YouTube,” said Exile, who studied Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of Technology (UTech).

In addition to making him a staple in the underground market, Exile said the Internet has helped him to find many music contacts from several countries. Through it, he met his management team, Del Productions, which is from the United Kingdom (UK).

widespread distribution

The Internet is also partially responsible for the widespread distribution of his mixed tapes in places like Bermuda and the UK. As a result, he has also done dubplates for a few sound systems, even though he is not one of the big names in Jamaica’s dancehall industry.

“Dem a farrin nah really work with name (popular artistes) to that. If yuh song sound good, it just sound good to them,” he told THE STAR, while noting that he started to deejay in 2005.

Exile has songs like Run Up And Down and 15 Minutes Of Fame, both of which he has videos for. He also has other songs like Never Know Love and Climax.

And, although he has a university degree, Exile said his first love is music and it will continue to be his first love even after he gets a stable job.

“Music is full time now. Mi try the work but the work nah try me,” said the artiste, who is also part of a production team called Prolific Entertainment.

In the meantime, Exile says he wants to get some overseas shows by next year and continue to do music.



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