Grandmaster Melle Mel + The Furious Five (Grandmaster Flash + F5) + Kurtis Blow “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Tour”, Febr 2010

Grandmaster Melle Mel + The Furious Five (Grandmaster Flash + F5) + Kurtis Blow “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tour”, Febr 2010

Grandmaster Melle Mel + The Furious Five (Grandmaster Flash + F5) + Kurtis Blow “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tour”, Febr 2010


Dear promoter,

The “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tour” showcases two legendary artists and enormous talents that created the genre known as Rap:

GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL & FURIOUS FIVE (with Melle Mel, Scorpio, Kid Creole + Dynamite) and KURTIS BLOW performing together on one stage for the first time in Europe:
THE FURIOUS FIVE are the voice of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, the group that invented the term “Hip-Hop”. They are the first Hip-Hop group ever to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. They are responsible for hits such as Message, New York – New York, White Lines, It’s Nasty, Step off, Beatstreet and many more.

The group’s lead Rapper Grandmaster Melle Mel is the most influential and greatest Mcs of all time, as a matter of fact he was the first rapper ever to call himself “MC”.

As lead rapper & lyricist for the group, Melle Mel is singled out by music historians as the man most responsible for changing the focus in Hip-Hop music from a DJ’s dominated art form to one dominated by the MC’s. It has remained that way ever since.

The song “The Message” became an instant classic. It was one of the first glimmers of conscientious Hip-Hop and arguably, the most important record in Hip-Hop history. Melle Mel won three Grammys for “I feel for you” feat. Chaka Chan and “Back On The Block” with Quincy Jones.

KURTIS BLOW was the the first commercially successful solo Rap artist, first rapper to sign an album deal with a major label with mainstream success; the first who received certified gold for one of the first Rap mainstream hits (“The Breaks” in 1980), the first who went on a national and international concert tour, the first rapper to record a national commercial (Sprite), the first rapper to use the sample loop, the first rapper with a music video clip (Basketball), the first Rap producer (Fat Boys, Run Dmc etc – Rap’s producer of the year 1983/85) and the first Hip Hop millionaire.

He released 10 albums over 11 years with an endless list of hit songs.


Rock and Roll “Hall of Fame” – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 2007

live performance early 80s


White Lines feat. Duran Duran remix


I feel for you feat. Chaka Khan

pump me up

the breaks

christmas rappin

if I ruled the world


I am chillin

Furious 5 + Kurtis Blow live 09

February tour: 11- 21

Travel Crew:
7, fee, European transport, hotel, catering, ground transport + rider

All tour enquiries (fee, artist service,…) please contact:
Faruk Akilli: ffa (at) technoagent (dot) de
Adnan Akilli aka Mr C (Berlin office): calimerorox007 (at) web (dot) de
upcoming tours:

X Ecutioners (Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Total Eclipse + Precision) Dec
X Mas tour feat. Camp Lo + Chip Fu Dec/Jan
Keith Murray + Canibus Jan 2010
Old School tour Feb 2010


One response to “Grandmaster Melle Mel + The Furious Five (Grandmaster Flash + F5) + Kurtis Blow “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Tour”, Febr 2010

  1. Update Tour – Free Dates – 07th Jan 2010
    February tour: 11 – 21
    Thur 11 Rom
    Fr 12 Sursee (CH)
    Sa 13 Bari (Italy) tbc * still available
    Su 14 free
    Mo 15 free
    Tues 16 free
    Wed 17 Paris
    Thur 18 Aarburg CH
    Fr 19 Basel
    Sa 20 Neuchâtel (CH)
    Su 21 free

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