Update: X- ECUTIONERS Dj Roc Raida Memorial Europe tour, Dec 09 (free dates)

X- ECUTIONERS "Dj Roc Raida Memorial" Europe tour, Dec 09

X- ECUTIONERS "Dj Roc Raida Memorial" Europe tour, Dec 09



Dear promoter,

On the 19th of September the Hip Hop world lost one of the most prolific icons and Dj/turntablists of our generation, the legendary X Men and Busta Ryhmes DJ GRANDMASTER ROC RAIDA.

Hip Hop’s kings of turntablism the X-ECUTIONERS will cross the pond this December for their first Europe tour in more than four years and keep the legacy alive!

The supremely talented DMC and ITF worldchampions ROB SWIFT, MISTA SINISTA, TOTAL ECLIPSE and PRECISION exclusively come together for this tour and across 8 turntables will leave you speechless with their unbelievable turntable skills of cutting, mixing, scratching, beat juggling and spinning bumpin’ club sets.

THE X-ECUTIONERS who have been banging on the door since they first emerged in the 90s took the mainstream charts by storm in early 2000.

The X-Ecutioners then signed to Steve Rifkind’s Loud, home to the Wu-Tang Clan and released 3 both critical and commercial successful records on Loud Records and Columbia Records (the first Dj crew ever signed to a major label) including the 2002’s bombastic “Built From Scratch” album. Rifkind styled The X-Ecutioners as turntable rock stars.

The group also released the truly amazing collabo album with Faith No More singer Mike Patton “General Patton vs The X Ecutioners” and worked on their albums with multi platinum artists such as Linkin Park, Cypress Hill, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Big Pun, Everlast, Mike Patton (Faith no More), Xzibit, Fat Joe, MOP, Dead Prez among others.

With Linkin Park they scored “It’s Going Down” one of the biggest chart hits in 2003.

Come witness the world famous X-Ecutioners Style!

X Ecutioners Videos:

it’s going down feat. Linkin Park

“Live from the PJs” feat. Black Thought (the Roots) + Ghostface Killah + Trife (Wu Tang Clan)

Live show

Live show

Linkin Park feat. X Ecutioners live – MTV

MTV Icon Aerosmith feat.X Ecutioners

it’s going down feat Xzibit + Biohazard
– David Lettermann show

Showcase live in LA, part 1

Showcase live in LA, part 2

O-Thread: https://technoagent.wordpress.com/tours/the-x-ecutioners-europe-tour-dec-09/

Dec tour 2009: 11 – 20

free dates:  Mo 14, Tue 15, Wed 16, Thur 17 + Fr 18

Travel Crew: 5, fee, European transport, hotel, catering, ground transport + rider

All tour enquiries (fee, artist service,…) please contact:
Faruk Akilli: ffa (at) technoagent (dot) de
Adnan Akilli aka Mr C (Berlin office): calimerorox007 (at) web (dot) de

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