Sugar Hill Gang – New Years Eve and 30 years of Rapper Delight tour Dec2009-Jan2010

SUGAR HILL GANG "New Years Eve and 30 years of Rapper Delight tour" Dec/Jan

SUGAR HILL GANG "New Years Eve and 30 years of Rapper Delight tour" Dec/Jan


Dear promoter,

**30th years of Hip Hop + Rappers Delight and pure Old School Nostalgia**
The godfathers and one of Hip Hop’s most reveled icons attained superstardom with the first and biggest Hip Hop hit record of all time “Rappers Delight” (celebrating 30 years!!)

The legends are back in Europe for what should be one of this year’s top New Years Eve tours!
The SUGAR HILL GANG’s brand new stage show will feature hit after hit spanning the groups entire career, belting out the chart topping classic “Rappers Delight” and the latest hit record La La Song, with a stunning live show featuring each band member on instruments and the incredible singer Rob Temple (the very first recording artist on Jive Records!) incl. a crowd-pleasing Michael Jackson tribute and much more

The SUGAR HILL GANG‘s Wonder Mike, Master Gee and Big Bank Hank (now replaced by Hen Dog) scored the first and most popular Hip Hop single of all time in 1979: “Rappers Delight” !!
It single-handedly influenced and inspired the Rap and Hip-Hop movements, opening the doors to one of the most powerful and popular styles of popular music EVER.
Rappers Delight” was the first Rap song to be played on the radio & TV, exposing millions of people to a new and exciting style of music which originated in the Bronx, becoming one of the biggest hits in music history. It sold 60 000 units daily in 1979 and with over 8 million units sold the Sugar Hill Gang scored the biggest selling single of all time.

This truly revolutionary release is still selling today and remains a timeless party anthem.

Sugar Hill Gang videos:

Dec/Jan tour 2009/2010:
Tue 29.12 free
Wed 30.12 free
Thur 31.12 Amsterdam – booked
Fr 1.01 free
Sa 2.01 free
Su 3.01 free

Travel Crew: 5, fee, European transport, hotel, catering, ground transport + rider + backline
hosted by Mr C

All tour enquiries (fee, artist service,…) please contact:
Faruk Akilli: ffa (at) technoagent (dot) de
Adnan Akilli aka Mr C (Berlin office): calimerorox007 (at) web (dot) de

upcoming tours:
X Ecutioners (Rob Swift, Mista Sinista, Total Eclipse + Precision) Dec
X Mas tour feat. Camp Lo Dec/Jan
Keith Murray Jan 2010
Sugar Hill Gang new year tour Dec/Jan
Old School tour Feb 2010

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