EuphoriaOK (Finland)

EuphoriaOK (Finland)Project consists of 2 persons – Olga Asminovich and Ekaterina Meya.
Girls are not just extremally hot looking but also have exclusively beautiful and melodic voices.
EuphoriaOK it is ensured success of your event.

At present, project has one complete album, which consists of 11 tracks.
Sony Music Entertainment Finland Oy makes distribution of this album in Finland.
Amont that tracks – there are 2 superhits “Cat people” and “I’m that Girl“. There are video clips for this tracks.

In the album you can see as well 2 bonus tracks from Dj JS16 (from Bomfunk MC).

Still Coming:
European Tour (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Poland, Sweden, Norway …..)

Free Dates available!!!
CP: Ivan Pechenin (Party Time Ukraine – Director & Concert Manager) or Faruk




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