[Out now] Remlius – Generation

FFAM00001A Remlius – Generation (CD Album Cover)

FFAM00001A Remlius – Generation (CD Album Cover)

Remlius – Generation
also featuring Ozzy, The Third, Petersen, John Chiti, Runnells, Nalu
Genre: RnB, R&B, African, Club Mix, …
Official Rel. Date: 30th July 2011
Tracks: 10

FFAM00001A – Tracklist
01 – House, Money & Car 04.03m
02 – It’s Over 04.09m
03 – Limo 05.05m
04 – Madness 03.05m
05 – Mechanical 03.55m
06 – Mimi Na Wewe 04.33m
07 – Nafuti 05.27m
08 – If You Gone 06.31m
09 – Pandolist 04.44m
10 – Pontetial 03.58m

EAN/UPC: 5052653076050
CAT No: FFAM00001A
CAT ID:FFAM00001A-2310FFAM000001

Copyright: 2011 FFA Music Publishing / technoAgent (LC-23280)
Label: FFA Music
Publisher: Faruk Akilli – FFA Music Publishing

Formats: CD, MP3 & Wave or Stream

Store (s) for MP3/Wave Album:
Amazon, ITunes, Beatport, Napster, Juno, 7Digital, Nokia Music Ovi, Discogs, eMusic ….

Buy & Order CD-Album:
FFA Music Publishing
Bärengässle 12
D-88239 Wangen

ffa.mr3tt [at] gmail [dot] com

Price: 8,99€ + shipping (1,45€ Germany / 2,80-3,50€ International)

Support & Donation “Horn of Africa”

We donations every 50 cents per CD sold copies of the album “Remlius – Generation” and by 10 cents per MP3 download of the album, the initiative for “Food 4 Africa” ​​to the fight against hunger, the people at the “Horn of Africa” . support

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