[PreView] mr3tt – Dream Paradise (mr3tt00016)

mr3tt - Dream Paradise

mr3tt - Dream Paradise

mr3tt – Dream Paradise
Genre: Lounge, Ambiente, Easy Listening, Alternative ..
Rel. Date: 22.04.2012
Track(s): 5
A1 – Orginal Mix 03.23m
A2 – Remix 03.23m
A3 – TR-Remix 03.26m
A4 – B.E.N. Remix 06.19m
A5 – Extended Mix 05.11m

EAN/UPC: 5052653260978
ISRC: GBKQU1282908
ISRC: GBKQU1282909
ISRC: GBKQU1282910
ISRC: GBKQU1282911
ISRC: GBKQU1282912
CAT No: mr3tt00016
CAT ID: mr3tt00016-2310mr3tt000016

composed & produced by Faruk F. Akilli
remixed by B.E.N. (a4), f.f.a. (a1-a5)
Copyright: 2012 FFA Music Publishing / technoAgent (LC-27865)
Label: TechnoAgent
Publisher: Faruk Akilli – FFA Music Publishing

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