Remlius – Sunshine (E.P. Single) [Out Now]

FFAM00004EP Remlius - Sunshine (E.P. Single)

FFAM00004EP Remlius – Sunshine (E.P. Single)

Genre: RnB, R&B, African, Club Mix, .
Official Rel. Date: 01st August 2012

FFAM00004EP – Tracklist
01 – Remlius – Sunshine (Sunshila) 04.20m
02 – Remlius – Smile 03.51m
03 – Remlius – This Earth 03.30m

EAN/UPC: 5052653328203
ISRC: GBKQU1296897
ISRC: GBKQU1296898
ISRC: GBKQU1296900
CAT ID: FFAM00004EP-2310FFAM000001

written by Remy Masemo Peter
produced by Faruk Frank Akilli, FFAM Studio Record
vocalist: Remy Masemo Petero

Copyright: 2012 FFA Music Publishing / technoAgent (LC-23280)
Label: FFA Music
Publisher: Faruk Akilli – FFA Music Publishing

Formats: MP3 & Wave or Stream

Store (s) for MP3/Wave Album:
Amazon, ITunes, Beatport, Napster, Juno, 7Digital, Nokia Music Ovi, Discogs, eMusic ….

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