Andy Leon

Andy Leon

Andy Leon

Andy Leon
Genre: Pop / Rock
Since 1996
Songwriter, Composer, Producer & Live Performer
Bolzano, Italy

Biography – short-
ANDY LEON is an Singer and Songwriter from Bolzano in Italy.

He began to write his first Song when he was 14 years old.

Since the Year 1996. He makes Concerts in Italy, Germany and Austria with his Band. In 2003 he has taken up his First Album “Dancing in the Moonlight“.
The Song ” I’m Crazy For You” was played by many Radio Stations South Tirol (Italy);  also the Ballad  “Miss You so Much” People liked a lot.

About Andreas Gruber aka Andy Leon
He writes and composing all his songs self!
First Song written and composed with 14 years

(sinced 1996)

Now he has written and recorded new songs and one of them (“My Number One“) the italian dj and producer Daniel Trueb likes so much, that he has making an Techno Remix and with the Electronic Scene Producers Pierre Deutschmann, Audioslave and traxogen they all remixed a large size of remixes and releases for majors or big artists; featured three remixes, too.

He presents currently 6 new Songs (check his MySpace)

Andy Leon is also interested to Sing Songs from some famous Songwriters.

Sometimes people Say about Andy Leon:
… that his voice sounds a little bit like Enrique Iglesias.

But Listen to his Songs here and you will see!!

Performed (Plays):
Concerts in Italy, Germany and Austria …

Former Disco
Crazy Lights  – I’m Crazy for You
Crazy Lights – Miss You So Much

Crazy Lights – Eternità (2001 / italian lyrics)
Crazy Lights – Dancing in the Monlight (2003 DIATON Music / english & italian lyrics)

2nd place at the music-festival of Mira (Venice) 2001 with the song: “Noi
3rd place at the music-festival of Spinea (Venice) 2001 with the song: “La notte lentamente se ne va
Finalist at the music-festival “L’Anfora” (Venice) 2004 with the song “Finalmente tu

New Releases (TechnoAgent – FFA Music)
FFAM0003 My Number One

Andy Leon Official Myspace
Crazy Lights Official Site

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written by faruk akilli (current status from 14th Jul 2010)

2 responses to “Andy Leon

  1. Eternità
    Rel. Date Summer 2001
    Status (Stock): Sold out!
    01. La notte lentamente se ne va
    02. Primo amore
    03. Occhi negli occhi
    04. Giorgia
    05. Bruna Martina
    06. Intanto fumiamo
    07. Eternità
    08. Eternal Love
    09. Sara
    10. Amore profondo

    Dancing in the Moonlight
    Rel. Date 11/2003
    Status (Stock): Available!
    01. I’m crazy for you
    02. Dancing in the moonlight
    03. I miss you so much
    04. Come back into my life
    05. Just a heartbeat away
    06. Noi
    07. Finalmente tu
    08. Femmina
    09. Ti voglio bene
    10. Insieme a te

    written by the singer and songwriter Andreas Gruber.
    Some of the Italian lyrics are written by Gianfranco Bortolami.

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