SOW’Dance ft Sowfi


Singer/Songwriter, Sowfi presents her upcoming Pop/Dance Music Project SOW ‘DANCE with the smashing single
« Around & Around ».

Sowfi reveals us her versatile talent with her vocal power and her hot tone. She knew how to mix various musical styles. One passes to Soul, from Soul to the Gospel. And today a Dance/Pop project realized in harmony. Fresh, simple and sincere, she surprises us literally !

Born in Brussels, Sowfi began to sing at 8. After having lent her voice on several tracks as ‘You’ve got Me Knocked Out’ of Juicy junior, ‘Voulez-vous Coucher avec Moi’ of DJ Daddy K or the background vocals of the worldwide hit single ‘Socca Dance’, she decided to make her solo debut album ‘Never 2 late to do Sumething Sowfinomenal’ in 2008 under Temega label.

Two years after her R’N’B album release, she’s back in co-producing with her faithful songwriter Daniel Garcet with their new Pop/Dance project SOW’DANCE, with ‘Around & Around’ as the launching single track and definitely the next German summer hit single available from July 30th !

A team selected very contentiously achieved this production. On stage Sowfi holds a powerful and communicative energy.
If you love Soul, Pop and R’N’B spiced of Dance music, you will be convinced that Sowfi is an artist experienced in studio recording and incomparably astonishing on stage. Sowfi has just completed her Belgian tour and she’s ready to conquer the world!
Do not hesitate! Book her ! Her performances are incontestably Sowfinomenal!

With that stunning sound in your ears, the dance floor under your feet will burn !

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