Caribbean Palm Records
CAPA Serial Release(s)
Labelcode: LC-28649
Genre(s): Dancehall, Reggae, Roots, Jam Pop, Caribbean Music, Jam Rap, Jam Hip Hop ..

Fhiyahshua feat Obie Ranks & Marlon Fellows
Fhiyahshua feat Stenna One
Fhiyahshua feat Ranaco
Fhiyahshua feat Anthony Gill
Anthony Gill
Obie Ranks
Marlon Fellows
Stenna One
Exile Di Brave
Exile Di Brave ft Dee-Dee Hep
Blackout Crew
Blakout Crew
Blackout Crew & Tuggy
Blakout Crew & Tuggy
Tuggy feat Voice Roy
Virgo + Blackout Crew & Tuggy
Tenna Star
Voice Roy
Voice Roy feat Tuggy
Mr. Diamond
Simeon Sweet

Rel.: 30th July 2010

Rel.: 15th Aug 2010

Rel.: 23th Aug 2010

Rel.: 30th Aug 2010

Rel.: 15th Sep 2010

Rel.: 23th Sep 2010

Rel.: 23th Oct 2010

Rel.: 31th Oct 2010

  • CAPA018 Exile Di Brave – Away from Here

Rel.: 11th Nov 2010

  • CAPA019 Exile Di Brave – Day Time Raving

Rel.: 30th Nov 2010

  • CAPA020 Exile Di Brave – Police

Rel.: 23th Dec 2010

  • CAPA021 Exile Di Brave – Mi Love it
  • CAPA022 Exile Di Brave – Deh Yah Fi Yu

Rel.: 22th April 2012

Rel.: 15th May 2012

Rel.: 11th Nov 2010

Rel.: 22th April 2012

Rel.: 23th Nov 2012

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Amazon, ITunes, Beatport, Napster, Juno, eMusic ….

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