[Lyrics] Fhiyahshua – Ghetto Life

Fhiyahshua – Ghetto Life
Album: Ghetto Life | Single: Ghetto Life
Genre: Dancehall, Reggae, Roots, Fusion, One Drop …

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A1 – Orginal
written by: Andy Jackson
composed by: Carlinton Morrison
recorded by: Game Face Recording Studio
mixed by: Damion Robinson
produced by: Frank Faruk Akilli
vocalists: Fhiyahshua
label: caribbean palm records
(c) + (r): 2012 faruk akilli – ffa music publishing

When hungry a bite, it’s butter and hot rice
Dumpling and butter, water without ice
One hundred jamaica dollors we use it and spice.[cook]
Boom,boom, man dead another one, pay the price
When it going to end, when it gonna stop
Why so many ghetto youths hook on crack
System not doing better, this an’t no chat
Is them got the boo- bee, is them set the traps
When i make it, never afraid to look back
On the time when we couldn’t make no cash
Now it’s all good, because we singing on tracks
On the sound system , play by the disk- jocks
When i chat, you got to move to this rock
Lyrical incline, not speaking crap
I was made for the dance hall, love the one drop
Make my mark like bob marley, and the king of pop

Ghetto life ,ghetto life
Ghetto life, ghetto life
Ghetto life, ghetto life
Ghetto life, ghetto life

– From the ghetto,to the top life
Where shots ehco, poverty was not nice
So i made up mind, to make the right choice
I been listen,took that advice
Look what, it bring to me
Prosperity and joy,not no sin to me
Lots of cash,and rithym for me
My new songs, they spin for me
My music, is like a souvenir
Take me from poverty, to a millionaire
My music, it got a million gear
And when change it,another million care
Ghetto super star, that’s who we are
See me on the flyers, read about me, in the star
Been through distress, survive a couple scars
We do our best, because that’s who we are

Ghetto life ,ghetto life
Ghetto life, ghetto life
Ghetto life, ghetto life
Ghetto life, ghetto life

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