[Lyrics] Fhiyahshua – Hands of Time

Fhiyahshua – Hands of Time
Album: mr3tt – Of the Fore | Single: Hands of Time
Genre: Dancehall, Reggae, Roots, Fusion, One Drop …

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A1 – Orginal
written by: Andy Jackson
StoryBook by: Frank Faruk Akilli
composed by:
recorded by:
mixed by:
produced by: Frank Faruk Akilli
vocalists: Fhiyahshua
label: ffa music & caribbean palm records
(c) + (r): 2012 faruk akilli – ffa music publishing

-1- My life was perfect when i marry you
-2-  Gave me a daughter, making me happy who
-3-  Is my sunshine, one and only
-4-  Working very  hard, for my family
-5-  As head cook, working in a restaurant
-6-  When things got mess up, it make me arrogant
-7-  False assumption, to me that is  ignorant
-8-  Leaving work some times, feeling unpleasant
-9-  Reach at my house, open the door
-10- Here come my sunshine, with joy for evermore
-11- That make me happy, but still i’m not sure
-12-  Her mom an’t speaking to me no more.

-1- Wish i could, turn back the hands of time
-2-  What went wrong, want to make it right
-3-  You are the best thing, in my life
-4-  Don’t want to lose you over silly fights

-1- My married life, got very course
-2-  We argue and fight, so we got divorce
-3-  In my little girl life, who needed the most
-4-  I lost my little  girl at the district court
-5-  Now i’m all alone, my life is so pail
-6-  Lost everything, can’t believe i fail
-7-  Turn to drugs, crime, so i got nailed
-8-  Gang  fights, put me in to jail .


-1- Now i’m out, feeling like a new born
-2-  Fighting my X wife, now is long gone
-3-  My daughter turns eighteen, judge closed the file
-4-  Thinking about my sunshine, when i was in exile
-5-  Way back then, when she was only seven
-6-  Fighting with her mom, only created problems
-7-  That’s when, she never want to see me again
-8-   My heart bleed, and was broken.

-CHORUS- repeat;

-1- She want to see me, with lots of questions
-2-  Got all the answers, hope i’m not wrong
-3-  I felt hes anger, is like she want to fight
-4-  Asking where was i, in her life
-5-  I was there, she says that’s a lie
-6-  No respect for the elders, and i ask her why
-7-  Still i can’t blame her, i was unwise
-8-  Only looking for legacy and pay the price.

CHORUS-repeat  The End.

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