[Lyrics] Fhiyahshua – I Don’t Hype Gun

Fhiyahshua – I Don’t Hype Gun
Album: Ghetto Life | Single: I Don’t Hype Gun
Genre: Dancehall, Reggae, Roots, Fusion, One Drop …

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A1 – Orginal
written by: Andy Jackson
composed by: Damion Robinson
produced by: Frank Faruk Akilli
vocalists: Fhiyahshua
label: ffa music & caribbean palm records
(c) + (r): 2012 faruk akilli – ffa music publishing

Title Song – I Don’t Hype Gun
written by Andy Jackson

How InI fi ah promote something,
weh nah promote nothing to I life,
when I life come first, Check it,
.gosh ah Fhiyahshua hey !

(1) Cause we noh hype gun, nor the shot in the gun,
(2) before we burst ah shot, we stuff carrot in the gun,
(3) nah falla shot Man, nor parrot with the gun,
(4) yu love WAR, go Iroc with the gun.

(5) King David slew goliat, with ah sling, not a gun,
(6) for security, Man spend cash for the gun,
(7) On the battle field, watch your head back with the gun,
(8) Man afraid of solider and cop with the gun.

(9) War done, put Pat over gun, (10) rest gun, and put your hat over gun,
(11) Marcus Garvey, says ah lass over gun,
(12) nuff Man, get shot over gun.

(13) Time serious, youths ah go to school with the gun,
(14) hear sirine, and turn fool with the gun,
(15) from long time, babylon ah rule with the gun,
(16) from yu start kill, yu can’t cool with the gun.

(17) All over the WORLD, them ah fight with the gun,
(18) it Only take life, that mi noh like with the gun,
(19) hitman drive car, ride byke, with the gun,
(20) when the pass through, ah nother life, with the gun.

(21) Bird seasson, bird ah get shut, with the gun,
(22) germs seasson, germs ah get shut with the gun,
(23) One whole of gun, shot off One third with the gun,
(24) marksman shot off the word with the gun.

(25) Man ah shot Man, and lady with the gun,
(26) Man shot dum, and Baby with the gun,
(27) Man ah get cross, and crazy with the gun,
(28) Them noh want Work, them get lazy with the gun.

(1) Time serious, people ah die by the guns,
(2) you see how it nice, when we lie all the guns
(3) Time serious, people ah die by the guns,
(4) you see how it nice, when we lie all the guns. (repeat)


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