[Lyrics] Fhiyahshua – Money is the order

Fhiyahshua – Money is the order
Album: Ghetto Life | Single: Money is the order
Genre: Dancehall, Reggae, Roots, Fusion, One Drop …

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A1 – Orginal
written by: Andy Jackson, Jamara Jackson & Camal Brisco
composed by: Carlinton Morrison
produced by: Frank Faruk Akilli
vocalists: Fhiyahshua
label: ffa music & caribbean palm records
(c) + (r): 2012 faruk akilli – ffa music publishing

Title Song – Money is the order
written by Andy Jackson

Money is the order of the day, so i don’t have time to lay lay.
gosh ah Fhiyahshua.

1- Money is the order, the order of the day.
2 -When the sunshine, you better make A.
3 – don’t follow company, they will lead you astray.
4 – At the end of it all, you will have to pay.

(repeat chorus)

1- Though they say, money is the root of evil.
2- Better your self, and don’t follow people.
3- Money buy your cloths, shoes and vehicle.
4 –  Send the children to school and let them eat too.
5 – I tell you, don’t follow no man.
6 – Every day you get up, you ah stretch out your hand.
7 – heay boss me ah beg you a grand.
8 – Better you leave the extortion.

CHORUS ( repeat)

1 – Go look a trade , go look skill, go look a work.
2 – Money is the order, no time to lurks.
3- Don’t rob no shop, noh rob no chain, noh grab no purse.
4 – You might end up down ah station, or into the hurst.
5 – If you don’t work, get no play, you shouldn’t ask it.
6- One one cooco, granny say full basket.
7- Work through the grime, sky is the limit.
8 – money is the order, sky larking we noh dig it.

CHORUS (repeat)


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