[Lyrics] Fhiyahshua – Off the Hook

Fhiyahshua – Off the Hook
Album: Off the Hook | Single: Off the Hook
Genre: Dancehall, Reggae, Roots, Fusion, One Drop …

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A1 – Orginal
written by: Andy Jackson
composed by: Carlinton Morrison
recorded by: Game Face Recording Studio
mixed by: Damion Robinson
produced by: Frank Faruk Akilli
vocalists: Fhiyahshua
label: caribbean palm records
(c) + (r): 2012 faruk akilli – ffa music publishing

Dah tune yah it off the hook
-1- Number one, it record the book
-2- Massive them ah listen, and start to look
-3- We nuh carbon copy, no fraud nor crook
-4- .repeat.

First-VERSE ;
-1- The world done know, we is the lyrical analyst
-2- Ride the riddim them , know how to balance it
-3- Them a throw their words, me nah go answer it
-4- I ah gowon burn mi cannabis, cause i nuh wallawis .
-5- Lavah Rhanks a play music, from him little bit
-6- Littlest tad, biggest artist him use to mix
-7- We burn a hypocrite, who nuh remember this
-8- Player hatter and fools, we nuh need your friendship .
-9- My father use to have a sound, that’s where it began
-10- His favorite songs was Rastafarian
-11- Mother play a major roll because is she buy the songs
-12- Randy’s, techniques ,down town Kingston.


Second VERSE;
-1- Music is a mission, not no competition
-2- them can’t boost me then shoot me like Pan head the don
-3- who murder major worries, who setup Ninja man
-4- Is the mercy of Jah, that save Papa san
-5- I remember nitty gritty , and the thing with Super cat
-6- Jook the man with a gun nah watch and get clap
-7- Tenna saw, them find him on a one away track
-8- Dirts man from Dellavaega, got several shots
-9- outlaw Josie wales, get one inna him back
-10- Cobra chain save him, Oneil died by five capps
-11- No body don’t know, who kill copper cat
-12- And the thing with Riskco benji, is a cold blooded act.


Third VERSE;
-1- Them a mash up dance hall, some want see it fall
-2- But we ah fi deh a Grammy a collect we awards
-3- All over the world, we deh on posters
-4- Head line for the show, you nuh see the roster
-5- Arm house inna the music, we want it fi stop
-6- Too much crab inna barrel, too much stab inna back
-7- Jah vex, thunder roll, burn them up, lighting flash
-8- hottaclaps, earth burst, wicked have to drop.



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