[Lyrics] Remlius – It’s Over (Remix – English)

Remlius – It’s Over
Album: Generation | Single: It’s Over
Genre: R&B, RnB, African, Afro Beat, Hip Hop, Rap …

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A2 – Remix (feat Jimmy K)
written by: Remlius, Jimmy K & Jasmin
produced by Jimmy & Jasmin
vocalists: Remlius & Jimmy K
label: ffa music
(c) + (r): 2011 faruk akilli – ffa music publishing

It’s over over
Its over you’re gone
You’ll never come back
Never to see each other again
God owner creator
Decided on the time
He knew
He will take you to day
You’ve left me crying
Baby I remember you
When I look at your photo
Tears in my eyes
Although people say it’s over
It’s over don’t cry
I don’t believe it’s over
Oh na nan na na
It’s over over over
It’s over over baby
It’s over over
Oh na na na na

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