FFA Music [FFAM]
FFAM Serial Release(s)
Labelcode: LC-23280
Genre(s): RnB – Dance – R&B – Pop …

Remlius feat Ozzy
Remlius feat Petersen
Remlius feat The Third
Remlius feat Runnells (Runnel, Runel, Runell)
Remlius feat Nalu
Remlius feat John Chiti
Remlius feat Jimmy Shawn
Remlius feat Weasel
Remlius feat Radio
Andy Leon
Andy Leon feat Traxogen
Sow’Dance feat Sowfi

Label Releases – Singles

Rel.: 05th May 2010

  • FFAM 001

Rel.: 30th July 2010

Rel.: 30th July 2010

  • FFAM 006

Rel.: 31th Dec 2010

Rel.: 30th March / 15th April 2011

Rel.: 30th May 2011

  • FFAM00004 Remlius (feat Petersen, Weasel & Radio) – Pontetial

Rel.: 10th June 2011

Rel.: 30th June 2011

  • FFAM00003 Remlius (feat The Third) – Mechanical

Rel.: 15th July 2011

Rel.: 15th October 2011

Rel.: 25th July 2012

  • FFAM00003EP Remlius – Leave Them (E.P. Single)

Rel.: 01st August 2012

  • FFAM00004EP Remlius – Sunshine (E.P. Single)

Rel.: 15th August 2012

Label Releases – Album
Rel.: 30th July 2011

Rel.: 30th July 2012

Rel.: 23th October 2012

Store (s):
Amazon, Itunes (Remlius), Itunes (Andy Leon), Itunes (Sow’Dance), Beatport, Napster (Remlius), Napster (Andy Leon), Napster (Sow’Dance), Discogs, Juno, Juno Rec, emusicAudio Jelly, DJ Download, Mixmag, tunetribe, trackitdown, ….

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