Exile – Tymez Up (Rymez Nuff)

Exile Di Brave - Tymez Up (Rymez Nuff)

Exile Di Brave - Tymez Up (Rymez Nuff)

Exile Di Brave – Tymez Up (Rymez nuff)
Tracks: 24 (Double Box)
Genre: Dancehall – Reggae ..
EAN/UPC: 5055274087115
Cat No: TA 002A
ID: TA002A-2310CAPA0002

Rel. Date: 30/12/2009

Label: TechnoAgent
Labelcode: LC-23280
MVP: Del Productions
written & composed by Clayton Johnson

Exile Di Brave - Tymez Up (Rymez Nuff)

Exile Di Brave - Tymez Up (Rymez Nuff)

(p) 2009 TechnoAgent & Caribbean Palm Records
(c) 2009 FFA Music Publishing

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One response to “Exile – Tymez Up (Rymez Nuff)

  1. TA002A Tymez Up (Rymez Nuff)
    EAN/UPC 5055274087115

    01 Intro
    ISRC GBKQU1018775
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053197

    02 Unleash
    ISRC GBKQU1018776
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053200

    03 Run up and Down
    ISRC GBKQU1018772
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053201

    04 Climax
    ISRC GBKQU1018707
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053202

    05 Contract (ft Jodee)
    ISRC GBKQU1018771
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053203

    06 A Milli Milli
    ISRC GBKQU1018773
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053204

    07 1 Life 2 Live
    ISRC GBKQU1018774
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053205

    08 The Dagger Her
    ISRC GBKQU1018781
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053206

    09 Clap Clap
    ISRC GBKQU1018770
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053207

    10 Braveheart (ft T.O.K. – Orginal Remix)
    ISRC GBKQU1018693
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053208

    11 Dawg Bite
    ISRC GBKQU1018777
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053209

    12 Braveheart (My Time Remix)
    ISRC GBKQU1018694
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053210

    13 No One Knowz
    ISRC GBKQU1018778
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053211

    14 Promise No More
    ISRC GBKQU1018779
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053212

    15 Coming Home Soon
    ISRC GBKQU1018780
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053214

    16 Security
    ISRC GBKQU1018782
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053215

    17 Final War
    ISRC GBKQU1018783
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053216

    18 Cash Flow
    ISRC GBKQU1018784
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053217

    19 P@#$y Good
    ISRC GBKQU1018785
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053218

    20 Ruff Sex
    ISRC GBKQU1018786
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053219

    21 Mr. Workout
    ISRC GBKQU1018787
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053220

    22 Renaissance Time
    ISRC GBKQU1018788
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053221

    23 Concrete Jungle
    ISRC GBKQU1018708
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053222

    24 Jump Up
    ISRC GBKQU1018741
    Ringtone Keyword (ReverbNation): 5053223

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